So Yummy She Wrote About It

By Lyla, age 12.

Recently I tried this new cake that my mom made. It's called olive oil cake. It's basically a cake that uses olive oil instead of butter. 

My friends, family and I all love this cake for many reasons such as it's less sugary taste and it's healthier vibes.

I'm an only child and I live in NYC. My mom and I love going upstate and we just visited this cute and fun town named Hudson.

It has many artsy boutiques, antiques shops, healthy chic, restaurants and coffee bars.

We stayed there for 2 days and one night and discovered Moto Coffee and brunch shop. 

They had a great orange olive oil cake that was so delicious. My mom had to try to make it at home. I believe that this cake is easy, fast, fun to make with friends and family.

You should definitely try to make it.

Here are some links to recipes for this cake. We've tried a few and all are good. The one from Maialino is our favorite.

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Photos: Chia Messina