Morsel New York is thoughtful food writing. We are inspired by the influence food has on our lives at the level of individual, family, community, culture, and society. We wonder how food impacts our identities, and how our identities impact the way we interact with food.

We also see how food has punctuated every moment of our lives, through celebration and tragedy and everyday bites, both in abundance and in scarcity. We want to expose the beauty in food, and the love, and the magic. We have lost ourselves in food, and we have found ourselves in food.

Sustainability and responsibility have become catchphrases in today’s food world as much as avocado and brunch, but their ubiquity doesn’t make the topics any less important (or tasty). Morsel is encouraging and embracing a new kind of conversation about food. We’re slowing down to soak it all in, relishing in the simple pleasures, the complex systems, the real world implications, and the best, most delicious moments we’ve found in food.

Join us.